In the context of the climate crisis and the associated societal change, the project explores the relationship between Berlin and the River Spree, the urban space, the citizens, and the water. How can the river be given its own "political" voice, and what can contribute to raising awareness of the Spree and the impact of humans? Through the use of buoys, the water draws attention to pollution. Digital tools and media, such as measuring devices and an app, capture the current state of the river and communicate it to the citizens in an accessible way. Exciting historical and current articles on the topic are also shared. A future dimension on the website highlights untapped potentials and illustrates how the city could change for the better with the help of the river, encouraging citizens and politicians to take action. During the hot summer months, the buoy pumps oxygen into the river, providing the Spree and its organisms with oxygen. The planet-centered approach offers a holistic and "green" solution to various problems and ensures a healthier balance among the involved actors.